January Favourites


So here’s the thing… I am no fashion or beauty guru, but I have a small obsession with shopping, and when I say “small” I mean I AM OBSESSED WITH SHOPPING.

So, every month I will share my top 10 products I have either bought or received. So here we go:

#1 CalendarIMG_4620-2

This came just in time for the start of 2016!.. Every year, I usually customise my calendars with my own photographs, but this year I came across Jamie’s work and completely fell in love with this calendar. This is honestly the most adorable calendar I have ever purchased.

If you’d like to buy one of your own, or any of his other products (i.e. Prints, Canvas, Phone Cases) you can visit Jamie Taylor website. I bought mine for £17.00. Some might say it’s quite pricey for a calendar, but Jamie honestly produces some stunning work, so I do not regret spending a single penny.

Product Name: 2016 Large A3 Jamie Taylor Art Calendar
Shop: Jamie Taylor Art
 £12.00 + £5.00 delivery

#2 SuitcaseIMG_4489-1.jpg

That’s right… I am including a SUITCASE as one of my top favourites this month. I came across Gate 8 whilst working at an exhibition event back in November. I was very intrigued to see all these amazing functionalities it has. I received it as one of my Christmas presents, so essentially this would have been one of my December favourites, however A) I only started my blog in January, and B) The suitcase was ordered mid-December, and I didn’t receive it until mid-January (because of Christmas and New Year holidays etc.) So I decided to include it in my January favourites.

This isn’t your typical suitcase – if it was I wouldn’t be writing about it (I’m not that sad). Gate 8 produced perfect suitcase for a business trips and/or short weekend trips.

Here are a things why it’s so “cool”:

  • It has a Zip-Away Full Ruck Sack Utility – the front part where your Laptop/iPad sits can be unzipped from the suitcase and you can have a suitcase AND a backpack. This is perfect if you want to put your suitcase away and keep your laptop with you whilst flying.
  • Lifetime Warranty – if anything happens to the suitcase, the company guarantees to either fix it or replace it.
  • It’s been designed to reduce creasing – there is a small pole where you can hang your trousers or suits, so when you’re walking with the suitcase the clothing inside is actually hung up rather than getting squashed.
  • Only weights 2.8kg with dimensions of 50cm x 38cm x 22cm – which is perfect size for a on-board suitcase.

Click here for more information about this suitcase.

Product Name: G8-CAB GATE8 Cabin MATE
Gate 8
£149.00 (I bought mine for £119. I have a 20% discount, so if you’re thinking about purchasing this AMAZING suitcase, then email me and I will send you the discount code).

#3 TrainersIMG_4592-1.jpg

Okay so I have a confession to make… I am absolutely obsessed with trainers. I enjoy staying in the loop with new designs and understand different types of trainers.

This was another Christmas present, so I don’t know exactly how much they cost but these can be bought from so many shops, such as: (£48), Nike (£70), and John Lewis (£70).

Product Name: NikeFlex Run 2015
Shop: Nike

#4 Pillow CaseIMG_4654-1.jpg

How beautiful is this pillow case!? I came across The Pillow Factory on Facebook. At the time, they were giving away free pillow cases for a short period of time, so I decided to buy one. The only trick was that you had to pay for the shipping which cost $7.97 and it was shipped from United States which mean the pillow case took between 3 – 4 weeks to arrive.

Product Name: White Giraffe Premium Linen Pillow Cover
Shop: The Pillow Factory
$14.95 (Around £10.00) + $7.97 for UK delivery (Around £5.46)

#5 MacBookIMG_4565-1.jpg

This was actually another gift present I received from my wonderful parents as my Christmas/Birthday present.

This is the 13-inch MacBook Air which includes:

  • 2.2GHz Dual-Core Intel Core i7, Turbo Boost up to 3.2GHz processor
  • Intel HD Graphics 6000
  • 8GB 1600MHz LPDDR3 SDRAM
  • 256GB PCIe-based Flash Storage
  • Backlit Keyboard (British) & User’s Guide (English)

The best part about buying Apple products online is that they will ensure your product is delivered fast and safe! My MacBook arrived within 48 hours after my parents bought it… and the delivery was free of charge!

There is so much I could talk to you about why I chose this MacBook in particular and why it’s so amazing, but I don’t want to bore you. So for those of you who are thinking about buying one, click here for more information.

Product Name: 13-inch MacBook Air
Shop: Apple
Price: £1,039.00 (Mine was £866.00 with 15% Student Discount*)

(*The perks of being a student is that you can receive 15% discount with UniDays.) 

#6 Orchid Flower PlantIMG_4613-1.jpg

Another gift I received… This one was actually a New Years gift from a close friend.

I included this item as one of my top favourites for this month, because I felt like it was a cute new addition to my room accessories.

These can be bought is garden centers and big supermarkets. Mine was from Waitrose.

#7 Planner/DiaryIMG_4635-1.jpg

As the new year was coming up, I needed a new planner so I could stay on top of everything and organise my life! I like to think that I am an organised person, so, first things first, I had to get myself one of these awesome planners from Personal Planner.

Personal Planner allows you to design your own dairy in the style most appropriate to you. I’m so impressed with how much flexibility and options I had when designing the layout of my diary. What I really like is that not only was I able to change the front cover, add personalised dates into the dairy etc., but also organise each section within the dairy.

They provide three types of products which are: wall planners, planners, notebooks. The prices do vary depending on what size you get, but the prices start at £18.90 and go up to £22.90 for the A5 planners (which is the one that I have). But, the bonus is that they do provide free shipping worldwide – product usually received within two weeks!

Product name: A5 Planner
Where from? Personal Planner
Price: £22.90 + Free Shipping worldwide

#8 Eyelash SerumIMG_4627-1.jpg

I have heard so many mixed reviews about this product so I was really wasn’t unsure whether it was worth investing my money on this product. After reading a few reviews from various websites and blogs, one message which was spoken about in particular, is to be careful where you buy this product from. This is because some companies sell fake products and the ones from USA use different ingredients than those sold in the UK.

But despite all of the mixed reviews (and it extortionate price) I still decided to buy it and try it out…

The results?… I think it has worked… I think?

It is a fairly pricey product and I don’t know whether it’s worth the money just yet (I have only been using this product for a few weeks). I bought mine from Boots at the retail price, but you can also buy them at other stores for cheaper prices, such as; Amazon (£18.99), the official RapidLash USA website ($49.95), or the RapidLash UK (£39.99).

Product Name: RapidLash Eye Lash Enhancing Serum
Shop: Boots
Price: £41.00

#9 Vintage BoxIMG_4552-1.jpg

I am in love with this vintage box which I received for Christmas. It’s perfect for storing away small items and keeping everything in one place.

Product Name: Unknown
Shop: TK Maxx
Price: Unknown

So, there we go, my top January Favourites! If you like any of my favourites or have any questions then please leave me a comment below. I’d love to hear what you think!

(I do not write these Reviews for advertising purposes, nor do I get paid for writing these reviews. These are simply my personal favourites which I have either bought or received and would like to share with my fellow readers.)

– All photographs are mine so please do not copy without permission –

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