February Favourites


This month has also been full of gifts, as I turned 21 on the 1st of February. Many of the items this month are more of my ‘favourite presents’ rather favourite items that I’ve purchased myself. Without further ado here are my top February favourites:

1.Benefit They`Re Real Mascara


I have heard a lot about this mascara, but never got a chance to try it until now. I received it as a gift for my 21st birthday, and I can truly say that it’s amazing!

It took me a while to get use to it, because I was so use to using my MaxFactor mascara, so it was just unusual to be using such thin brush.

You can buy Benefit They`Re Real Mascara at most retail shops such as: Benefit CosmeticsHouse of Fraser and Boots. All three retailers sell it for £19.50.

Product Name: Benefit They`Re Real
Price: £19.50
Shop: Boots

2. Anastasia’s Eyebrow DipBrow


Okay, so as I said before, I am no beauty guru, but this eyebrow gel does wonders! Another item I received for my birthday and I love it. I have heard amazing things about it, and I was not disappointed! I definitely recommend investing in this product.

I have also been recommended to buy one of the Anastasia brushes, So I will definitely be investing in these brushes next month.

There are lots of online shops who sell it, however most of them are USA website. I have found a few companies who sell them in UK prices, such as Amazon and Shop Style.

Price: $18.00 (Around £12.50)
Shop: Anastasia Beverly Hills

3. Fairly Lights


Another item which I received as a gift for my birthday. These scrabble lights… I mean it doesn’t get any cuter than this!? These 10 Scrabble tile shaped lights come with 60 interchangeable letter stickers so you can create your own personalised message. It’s such a quirky addition to my room.

If you’d like your own, you can get these at many retail shops such as Amazon (£18.51), Argos (£19.99), ASOS (£19.99) and Urban Outfitters (£25.00).

Product Name: Scrabble Fairy Lights
Price: £19.99

4. Polaroid Camera


For those of you who have been following me for a while or know me in person will understand how excited I get when the topic ‘photography’ or ‘cameras’ comes up. I have a big passion for photography and have become a bit of a Polaroid collector over the last few years.

And… THIS BABY is my newest addition to my collection. Another present I received for my 21st birthday, along with: 10 shot Mini Instax Fujifilm film, Hand Strap, 4xAA Batteries and User Guide.

I cannot explain how excited I was when I received this. You might have seen many people who have the Instax Mini 8 that come in various colours or even the Mini 70. This one is the Intax Mini 90, which is the latest Instax model. It has a very classic/vintage look, unlike the previous models which are very ‘plasticy’ looking (Sorry if I offend anyone who has the Mini 8 model).  The Mini 90 has so many amazing features that usual Polaroid’s don’t provide, such as:

– Bulb and double exposure setting – which means you can finally optimise the exposure, so can adjust the settings to let in the ideal amount of light depending on the location.
– Built it flash which is self explanatory really…
– Fujinon lens (Can zoom in and out).
– Shooting Modes: Indoors, Night F12.7, Cloudy, Shade F16, Sunny, Slightly cloudy F22, Sunny and Bright F32.
– Weights 0.57kg – which is so light if you compare to any other Polaroid’s (Especially the original models).

This design isn’t as popular (yet), so not many stores sell them, however you can find them online, in shops such as: Amazon (£118.99), Curry’s (£119.00) and John Lewis (£119.00).

Product Name: Fujifilm Instax Mini 90 Instant Camera (+ 10 Shots of Film)
Price: £119.00
Shop: John Lewis (+ Free Delivery within 5 working days)

5. Timberlands


I’m one of those people who is obsessed with black, and you will very rarely see me wearing anything but black, so I had to buy these stunning black Timberlands!

I bought mine from Office, because I wanted to use my UniDay’s 20% discount so I paid £117.00 in total! But there is also a big selection of shops where you could purchase these, such as Schuh (£160), Office (£130), Timberlands Online (£160), and Amazon (Price varies depending on size).

Product Name:
 Slim 6inch Premium Boots – Black Nubuck
Price: £130

6. Tripod

Yes.. ANOTHER camera item! This is the BEST tripod I have bought to date! It’s such a compact, light and most importantly portable tripod. It’s ideal for travellers, or for a photographer who’s on the go. Again, just like with any camera gadget I could go off for ages and tell you all why it’s such a great product, but I don’t want to bore you. So here are just a few top reasons why I love it:

– It has a unique folding mechanism. The legs fold perfectly around the head of the tripod.
– It’s small and light! But also very sturdy.

This tripod can be purchased from Manfrotto (£174.95), Curry’s (£174.99) and Amazon (£112.99).

Product Name:
Manfrotto MKBFRAA4-BH Befree Travel Tripod
Price: £174.95 (Although I bought mine for £119.00)
Shop: John Lewis

7. Sweater


This is definitely one of the most comfiest jumpers I own. I bought it from by my No.1 favourite shop Rad. This is an American cut, crew neck, with fitted shoulder and sleeves jumper in heather grey colour.

Product Name: Just Do Nothing (Size S)
Price: £19.90 (I paid £15.92 – I have a discount code, so if you’d like 20% then message me on any of my social media channels).
Shop: Rad

8. Colourful Gel Pens


Adult colouring books have become very popular in the last year, so I decided to purchase one of my own to ‘distress’ myself after long days at work. But, I didn’t like the idea of having to colour in with pencil, and the sharpies I had would have made marks, because of the thin paper.

I didn’t want to be buying lots of expensive colouring pens to be able to blending colour gradients. So I decided to invested in these amazing colour tone, refillable alcohol based, double ended marker pens called Chameleon!

The Chameleon colour tone pens have a high quality super soft Japanese brush nib, a bullet nib & an innovative mixing chamber. The mixing chamber can be used to fuse either the brush nib or bullet nib with the blending solution which allows you to create stunning effects such as blending, gradations, highlighting, shading & even 3D. The nibs can be replaced and they can be refilled with Chameleon ink refills.

You can buy these pens individually and in packs of 5 and 22. The cheapest I managed to find was for £24.99 from Amazon. You can also purchase them at the official Chameleon Pens Chameleon Pens website (£24.99), and Tiger Pens (£22.50). I couldn’t recommend these more, especially for all of you arty people out there!

Product Name: Chameleon Pens

9. Jar Candle


I’m absolutely in love with this candle! I love mason jars… and candles… so this is like my PERFECT candle… ever. It smells amazingly too – coconut twist!

Product Name: Mason Jar Candle
Price: £12 (Students get 10% discount)
Shop: Joy

10. Storage Boxes


Some of you might of seen my January favourite box that I received for Christmas, but these are even more beautiful! I bought these two in TK Maxx, because I felt like the other one wasn’t enough!

I tried to find these boxes online but they are no where to be found, so if you’d like to purchase these, then you’re best off going to your closest TK Maxx store.

As I said in my January Review, I do not write these Reviews for advertising purposes, nor do I getting get paid for writing these reviews. These are simply my personal favourite products which I have either bought or received and would like to share with my fellow readers. 

– All photographs are mine so please do not copy without permission –

4 thoughts on “February Favourites

  1. Ahh you got some lovely treats. I have the instax camera hardly use it though as the films so expensive I don’t want to waste it! Gone off the benefit they’re real mascara now it just seems so drying


    1. Thank you! Really? You should definitely use it more, it’s all about trail and error. But I do agree, it is a very expensive hobby. I also agree about the mascara, I have now used it for over a month and I’ve nearly ran out. I’m not sure whether it’s because I’ve been using it pretty much every day, or whether it just naturally dries out after a few uses. Would you recommend any other mascara’s similar to the Benefit They’re Real mascara? 🙂


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