Review: Polaroid Prints


As many of you will already know, I love photography and have an obsession with vintage cameras and photographs. Since polaroid image have come back into “fashion”, I have decided to trial out a few companies that print out digital photos and make them look like polaroid photos.

If you search ‘Polaroid prints’ in Google, thousands of results will pop up. But as always, I enjoy researching about the product I buy, before I buy it. So when looking at where to buy these polaroid photographs, I have come across many companies who have extortionate prices. And then I found others which are fairly affordable but the quality is awful. So I guess it is down to what you are after… price or quality.

Most companies that I have come across now provide this services as an app, to allow us to easily be able to download the app, and add/choose the photographs we want from our photos or our social media channels such as Instagram and Facebook. Most of the companies now also provide other services, such as photobook, calendars, magnets, posters etc.

Anywho, a few of you have been asking me where I got my Polaroid prints, and I can honestly say that there is so many Polaroid print companies out there that are affordable and provide good quality photos. But if I have to be honest, for me personally, I still prefer to make the effort to carry around my polaroid camera and take photos with original film. I’m sure most photographers will agree with me, when I say that the best feeling of taking photographs with a Polaroid is those few anxious minutes of waiting after you’ve pressed the shutter button. You just never know how the photo will turned out – and that’s the beauty of it!

BUT for those who don’t have a polaroid camera or simple cannot be bothered with all the expenses etc., I have created a list for you of the companies that I have used in the past and/or recommend:

Square Snaps (Web)

Source:  Square Snaps

Price: Between £9.99 – £25.99 – View full price list here.
Example: 100 Prints (8.9 x 10.8 cm) £25.99

LALALAB (Web & App)


Price: Between €0.39 per photo
Example: Vintage Prints (10 x 12cm) €0.39 per photo.

(I bought mine as a LALABOX for €15.90 which included 36 photographs that I chose from my Instagram account.)

Parabo.Press (App)


Source: Parabo.Press

Price: 25 for $24 (View Full Price list here.)



Price: 4.99 – 19.99 euro (View Full Price list here.)
Example: 1 standard Retro Print, £0.3o per print.

And here is a list of a few other companies you might want to check out: PickMotion (German), Free Prints (French), Polabora (Belgium).

2 thoughts on “Review: Polaroid Prints

  1. Great post, I didn’t even know you could have Polaroid pictures printed. I also got a Polaroid camera and I completely agree, taking a snap and not knowing the outcome is the beauty of it. Apart from that I bought a Lomography camera a while ago and I really enjoy taking pictures with it but unfortunately developing them is super expensive. x


    1. Thank you Mira! Yes, it’s one of the newest trends in the photography world. It is amazing, and very exciting, but also very expensive (especially if you’re not getting the results you want, which results in you purchasing more and more film). Oh, I love Lomography, it’s always so interesting to see how to photograph will turn out. But I do agree, unfortunately these hobbies are very expensive.


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