March Favourites


So here we are… March is over… How!? Just how!? Time is going way too fast.

This month, I have tried to be very minimal with spending as I’m trying to save for my travels, so I haven’t quite managed to gather 10 new items that I wanted to share with you all. Anyhow, here’s my top March favourites:

1. Grey Jumper


Yes, ANOTHER Grey jumper. This one says “This is my too tired to function sweatshirt” which described me perfectly, because I swear I am tired 24/7. This one is a lot thinner than the Nike jumper that I included in my February Favourites.

Despite the fact that I like this jumper, I wouldn’t recommend buying it from SAMMY Dress, only because the products aren’t good quality. And yes, I know that I bought this jumper, but it was simply because of the price. So if you’re all about quantity over quality then by all means check out their products.

Product Name: Trendy Women’s Loose Long Sleeve Letter Pattern Sweatshirt
Shop: SAMMY Dress
$14.60 – around £10.00 (Jumper $5.75 + Shipping Fee $8.85)

2. Photo Frame


“Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all.” Just kidding.

I’m so in love with this photo frame from Boots. It originally cost £15.00, but I somehow managed to pick up the last one in the store I was at for £5.00. I love the ‘vintage’ look of it, and very excited to hang it up in my room.

They don’t sell this product online or in store, but there are lots of shops which sell similar photo frames, such as Amazon, Not on the High Street, and Etsy.

Product Name:  Vintage Collection Hanging Photo Frame
Shop: Boots

3. Perfume


I received this perfume as a gift for Easter so I don’t know how much it cost. It has a very sweet vanilla sense to it – I love it! This product is very limited in terms of where you can buy it in the UK… the only place you can buy it is Selfridges (£56.50).

Product Name: Mancera Paris – Roses Vanille (60ml)

4. Coconut Oil


I’ve always hesitated about buying a big tub of coconut  -mainly because they are so expensive. However, this tub was on sale for HALF PRICE so I couldn’t not buy it for £10.00.

There are lots of brands who now produce simple tubs of just pure coconut. I don’t know too much about all the other brands, so I won’t be able to give you advice as to why this one is better than any other tub.

What I do know… is that this one is an organic, cold-pressed and unrefined coconut oil. It’s ideal for people who suffer with dry skin. But it can also be used for haircare, and baking/cooking. (Don’t be put off if on the tub it says “For cooking”, because it is also suitable for skincare and haircare.)

I bought mine at Whole Foods, but these can be found in lots of online stores for low prices, such as Nutiva (£18.99), Amazon (£13.99) and Planet Organic (£19.99).

Product Name: Nutiva Coconut Oil (858ml)
Whole Foods

5. Mason Jar


Another cute accessory for my room… This little cute Mason jar which says “This is my favourite jar”. I know many people use it to make drinks/cocktails. But I bought it to use it as a simple jar to collect any little loose bits and bobs such as spare change, tickets etc.

Product Name: cocktailpot

6. Travel Card Holder


This purchase is to be blamed on the recent sunny weather. I think I got too excited about spring finally making an appearance, so I decided to brighten up my handbag and invest in a colourful travel card holder. It’s a just very simple but practical holder. I would definitely recommend it – especially for those who use public transport in London.

Product Name: Lara Travel Card Holder
Oliver Bonas
£8.00 (10% off for Students)

7. Tank Top


Another lovely sportswear added to my collection. This will be perfect for runs and cardio when it gets a little bit warmer.

I bought it from Urban Outfitters,  but there are lots of similar designs on the Nike website.

Product Name: Nike Elastica White Tank Top
Shop: Urban Outfitters
Price: £25.00 (20% off for Students)

8. Bum Bag


I know it’s a bit random including a bum bag as one of my favourites, however this bum bag is perfect for runs. It’s super light, and the strap is very sturdy so it doesn’t slip easily, and most importantly it was cheap! I have a few bigger bum bags for festivals etc., but this one is really small, but you can easily manage to fit a phone, keys and any extra bits like money or a snack/energy bars.

Product Name: Tiger Bum Bag
Shop: Tiger
Price: £4.00

I do not write these Reviews for advertising purposes, nor do I getting get paid for writing these reviews. These are simply my personal favourite products which I have either bought or received and would like to share with my fellow readers. 

– All photographs are mine so please do not copy without permission –

4 thoughts on “March Favourites

  1. These are great favourites, I love the travel card holder and you can never go wrong with mason jars! I often use coconut oil for cooking and now I’m starting to think I should put it on my hair instead haha. xx


    1. Thank you Mira! Glad you like my March favourites. The travel card is so perfect for everyday use! You definitely should! I use it for literally everything, face, body, hair, nails, teeth, and cooking/baking!


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