May Favourites


I think most of us know the drill when it comes to #MayFavourites, so I’m going to get straight into it…

#1 Lip Scrub


This has been my little saver when it comes to dry lips! With the UK weather being so bipolar – one day sunny, next day pouring rain, my skin has got very dry – especially my lips, so I decided to try out something else other than just lip balm. This lip scrub is made out of mostly natural products such as coconut oil and sea salt. I’m very happy that I came across this little gem.

Product: Lip Scrub – Popcorn

#2 Candles


Do I have to say anything more than LOOK HOW F%*ING CUTE these cactus candles are!? I love them so much, that I can’t even bring myself to open them from this adorable box.

Product: Fyrfadslys Tealights

#3 Brushes


As I’ve said before I am no beauty guru. I don’t shop for beauty products very often, but I really needed a new set of brushes and I was very luck to receive this Real Techniques Core Collection set.

I know that that everyone always talks about how good these Real Technique brushes are, but personally I think I have had better brushes, but at the same time, if you do get these, I think you get your money’s worth – especially if you buy them in a set.

As always, these products can be bought for much cheaper in other stores such as: Superdrug  (£20.99), Amazon (£9.99) or on the official Real Techniques website ($18.00 equivalent to £12.49)

Product: Real Techniques Core Collection

#4 Skirt


I have had such a huge obsession with yellow items this month, but never felt brave enough to buy any clothing this bright since I always wear black. But then I came across this stunning yellow mid skirt whilst charity shopping, and it was such a bargain (£9.00) so I decided it was time for me to be brave. It’s a stunning colour, and the skirt was originally from Mango which would have cost between £20 – £40 if I bought it from the store.

Product name: N/A
Shop: Mango
Price: £9.00

#5 Photo Album


As you can probably tell I went on a bit of a shopping spree at Tiger this month… But I mean how could I write my monthly favourites, and not include some kind of camera gadget/accessory ay!? It fits so perfectly to my room theme and has that old ‘vintage’ look.

Product: Camera Photo Album

#6 Coffee


Some of you might already know this, but I stopped drinking coffee over two years ago when I had several anxiety attacks, and ever since then I have avoided all types of coffee. But recently I’ve got better and have started to miss the taste of coffee – mostly because I can smell the aroma every morning when my colleagues have their morning coffees.

So after receiving this coffee packet, I decided to ease myself in by drinking small amounts. I definitely recommend checking out the reviews on their website to see what other people are saying about their coffee.

Product: Planalto

#7 Laptop Case


Since I bought my MacBook, I kept saying to myself ‘Make sure you buy a case ASAP’, but I just never got round to doing it, nor could I find any that I really liked… until I came across this beautiful marble case from Etsy. I definitely recommend checking out this girls designs, she’s amazing at what she does. Overall, I would say it was a bit pricey but I think it was worth it.

Product: Black Marble MacBook Case

#8 Lipstick


I really wanted to get a ‘summery’ pink lipstick, and I must say I am really happy with this colour. It stays on well and doesn’t smudge. I have worn this lipstick on a few of my recent selfies on Instagram, so go check out my account if you’d like to see what the lipstick colour looks like.

I bought mine in Boots, but just like with any other beauty product there are lots of other stores that sell it, such as: Fragrance Direct (£4.95), Superdrug (£8.99) and Feel Unique (£8.99).

Product: Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet Lipstick
Shop: Boots
Price: £8.99

#9 Tank Top


Romwe isn’t the best of websites, but if you’re looking for cheap clothing/don’t mind the poor quality then definitely have a look, because Romwe do have some pretty items. I was after a white tank top for ages, and I came across this, so decided that I couldn’t not get this for £4.29!?

Product Name: Letter Print White Tank Top
Shop: Romwe
Price: £4.29

Do you own any of these products? Or have any suggestions for me to try out? Please comment below.

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