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Since I have started my blog in January 2016, I have been nominated four times for the Liebster Award.  FOUR TIMES!? I would have never thought my blog was worth any type of award…

Anywho, we are now in June and I still haven’t written a blog post about this, so I apologies for those who have nominated me and have been waiting for this blog post.

First things first, I want to say a big thank you to Sophie (aka Somewhere Scandinavian), Kulish (aka The Explorer), Maggie (aka Planes Champagne) and Gemma aka (Gems Sweet World) all for nominating me.


  • Thank the person who nominated you, and post a link to their blog, in your blog.
  • Display an image of the award in your blog.
  • Answer 10 questions that are asked of you by the person who nominated you.
  • Find 10 new bloggers who you would like to nominate.
  • Ask these bloggers 10 new questions that you provide.
  • List these same rules in your own blog.
  • Inform those people who you nominated, that they were nominated for the Liebster Award, and provide a link to your post so they can learn more about it.

So without further ado, here’s my Libester Award (with a twist) answers to all 40 questions (Be warned, this is going to be a big of a long post, but I tried to keep my answers short and sweet…)

Somewhere Scandinavian Questions:

1. How old are you?

2. Why did you start your blog?
I started blogging at the beginning of January 2016, because I moved to London for a year so I wanted to capture my London life, and share my experiences with others, as well as travel tips.

3. Your best tip (Both blogging or anything else)
Do what you love, be inspired by others but don’t copy content, be original, and show your personality yourself.

4. Where do you get your inspiration?
Most ideas come out of nowhere – usually in the middle of the night when I can’t sleep. Other times, from other bloggers, articles, books and trips.

5. What kind of blogs do you read yourself?
Travel and lifestyle related, occasionally beauty.

6. Who is your favourite blogger?
I have so many. They’re all so unique in their own way and in different blogging categories e.g. travel, lifestyle etc.

7. What kind of blog posts do you read the most yourself?
Mostly travel for tips and ideas.

8. What are your hobbies?
Running, photography and blogging.

9. What and where is your travel dream?
I would love to travel to Asia and experience the Asian culture.

10. What are the dreams and hopes for your blog?
Hopefully to give tips for others and share interests with other bloggers and readers.

The Explorer Questions:

11. How did you decide to start blogging?
See answer to Question 2.

12. Where do you draw your inspiration for your blog posts?
See answer to question 4.

13. Do you secretly hope your blog goes viral? Why or why not?
I’m not ‘hoping’ for anything. I love the blogging community. I enjoy socialising with other bloggers, meeting new people, and attending blogging events. So I am content with simply sharing tips on my blog. Not hoping or expecting my blog to become big.

14. What do you do in your free time?
Blog, travel, run, gym, and explore London.

15. What motivates you to write blog?
There isn’t anything or anyone who motivates me in particular, I would say myself? I motivate myself to write them, because it’s what I enjoy doing.

16. Who’s your favorite blogger?
See answer to question 6.

17. Where do you want to live in the world?
Not sure, I’m pretty happy living in London right now, but would like to experience living in different countries once I have graduated from university.

18. What word describes you the best?

19. What’s your favorite food?
Any Italian food.

20. Which T.V. show do you like the most?
I don’t really watch much TV, so don’t have any favourite TV shows.

Planes Champagne Questions:

21. What’s your blog about?       
I blog about my travel trips, any quirky events I attend in London, and general lifestyle, such as cafe/restaurants and reviews about products etc.

22. What do you love about blogging?
I love how you can make it what you want it to be. I also adore the blogging community!

23. What is one goal you have for your blog in 2016? 
I don’t really have a ‘goal’ as such, but I’d like to see my blog grow, and engage more with other bloggers/readers.

24. If you could have dinner with anyone who would it be?
I’m not very good with these kind of questions. Ed Sheeran or James Bay. I think it would be really cool to just chill with them.

25. What is your favourite film? 
Sherlock Holmes, The Dark Night, Green Mile, Silver Lining Playbook, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo… There is just too many.

26. Where is the best place that you have ever been and why?
This is such a hard question. I have been to some most incredible places. I would probably have to Venice. I went there for a week in 2011 and dying to go back again! It’s such an amazing place, with so much do see and do.

27. If you could change one thing in the world what would it be?
PEACE. For people to love one another, care for one another, including our planet.

28. What’s your guilty pleasure?

29. Fun fact about you?
I’m trilingual in English, Polish and Russian.

30. What 3 things would you pack if you were stranded on a dessert island?
Cereal, blanket and water.

Gems Sweet World Questions:

31. What’s your best blogging tip?
See question 3.

32. If you could do anything you wanted right now, what would it be?
Sell everything I own, pack a bag, drive to an airport, buy a one way ticket, and travel!

33. Ninjas vs pirates, discuss.
Not really my kind of topic.

34. List 5 goals on your life’s to-do list
Finish my university degree // Learn a 4th language // Be happy // Travel all 5 continents & at least 30 countries by the time I’m 30 // Be healthy.

35. What is your hidden talent?
Wish I had some kind of talent, but I really can’t think of anything that stands out to me.

36. Name one thing you miss about being a kid and one thing you love about being an adult.
I miss being able to play around all day and night outside in the fresh air, and one thing I love about being an adult is being independent and making my own choices.

37. You have discovered a new species of dinosaurs and are allowed to name it. What would you call it?

38. If you could live in a book, TV show or movie, what would it be?
I would LOVE to live in Friends, or One Tree Hill!

39. Are you a clean or messy person?
I would like to count myself as a clean/tidy/organised person.

40. What is your favourite unusual blogging photo prop?
I don’t really have ‘photo props’ because most of my images are taken whilst I travel.

My Questions:

1.When & why did you decide to start blogging?

2. How did you come up with your blog’s name/title?

3. Where do you draw your inspiration for your blog posts?

4. Do you secretly hope your blog goes viral? Why or why not?

5. What tips do you have for folks who want to start blogging?

6. What is your favourite childhood memory?

7. If you had to choose a colour that represented you, what would it be and why?

8. Your favourite country you have visited and reason why.

9. List 5 goals on your life’s to-do list.

10.  What and where is your travel dream?

My nominees:

Avocado Baby // Asian Boy Astray // Fresh & Fearless // Spiritless Wanderer // Oh Gosh // Blankets & Tea // 24 and Travelling // Trish Trecks // The Vacay Blog // The Journey of Joe 

I can’t wait to read all your responses and congrats on the Liebster award nomination!!

2 thoughts on “Liebster Award

  1. Thank you so much for the nomination lovely! It means a lot to me ❤ I actually wrote a post the first time I received a Liebster award, but you should check it out anyways, some of the questions were awesome.

    I loved your responses on here. My favourite were your blunt responses (fun killer haha jk!) like… "this isn't really my kind of question" and "Dino". You're awesome :p

    I look forward to checking out more of your blog!

    Liked by 1 person

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