10 Reasons Why Bloggers Should Attend WTM London 2016



With November fast approaching, and WTM being less than a month away, I thought its about time I created this long-awaited post for all the bloggers out there who are thinking of going to WTM London.

In the last few months, many bloggers have asked me “Is WTM worth my time?” The answer is simple: YES. To explain exactly why, I have created a list of the top 10 reasons why I think every bloggers should attend WTM London this year.

#1 Three Day Event

First things first, its important to point out that WTM London has always been a four-day event, but this year it has changed to a THREE DAY event. Beginning on Monday 7th November until Wednesday 9th November 2016, from 10:00 – 19:00 throughout all three days. This gives bloggers THREE days with longer opening hours to arrange meetings, network and explore WTM London. You don’t have to attend all three days, but your ticket does give you the opportunity to do so.

#2 Location

WTM London is held at ExCeL, London, which means that if you are a London blogger you will be able to easily get to the exhibition by public transport whether it being train, bus, taxi or cable car. However, for bloggers who live outside of London or even abroad, it is definitely worth making a long weekend or even a week trip to give yourself time to explore the beautiful city.

#3 Free Entry

That’s right, bloggers can register to attend WTM London for FREE. What blogger doesn’t like a free event? – I certainly do!

In order to attend, you will have to register as Press which will give you access to all three days. You’ll be able to attend the seminars, conferences, arrange appointments and meetings during the three days.

#4 Network

Network. Network. Network. The BEST part about WTM London. I can guarantee you, that you will meet so many people whether it is exhibitors or bloggers. Out of all the reasons why you should attend, this is my number 1 reason! By networking, you will open up so many opportunities and widen your network whether its with organisations or bloggers.

#5 WTM Bloggers Speed Networking

WTM Bloggers Speed Networking gives a unique opportunity for selected 100 bloggers to take part in a ‘mini-meetings’ with exhibitors. These short meetings give bloggers the chance to talk to exhibitors – ‘sell themselves’ so to speak… These meetings could lead to potential work with the firms. I could not recommend this session enough – it is an overwhelming but also fun experience. Plus, if you’re lucky to be one of the 100 bloggers to have your own small round table and chair, you will be the one who waits for the exhibitors to approach you. Which makes a difference for once, since I’m sure we are all use to being the ones to approach companies first. You can find out more information about the WTM Bloggers Speed Networking and how it works here.

#6 WTM Festival

This is also a free event that all bloggers are welcome to attend. This year, it will be the on last day of WTM (Wednesday 9th November) from 5pm. This is a great way to wind down and enjoy a relaxed evening amongst other visitors and exhibitors. There will be many exhibitors from different regions who will be hosting parties at their stands – some will offer food and booze! 😉

#7 Conferences & Seminars

There will be over 80 sessions during the three days, in which all type of topics will be covered – from Technology, Responsible Tourism to Blogging & Social Media. These sessions are presented by influential figures in the travel industry. I honestly cannot recommend enough for bloggers to attend them. They are very valuable sessions which WTM London spend a long time putting together to make sure the most relevant and valuable topics are discussed.

#8 Press Centre

By registering as Press, you will have access to the Press Centre, which will have wifi, desk space and access to all the Press Releases which is a great source of research to discovery stories and possible travel or even collaboration opportunities.

#9 Freebies

I have yet to meet a blogger who doesn’t like freebies at events. WTM London has over 5,000 exhibitors so you are about to find lots of freebies on exhibitors stands. Last year, I got so many random freebies, like personalised chocolates, Japanese hand fan and hand henna.

#10 Meet Celebrities

Oh yeah, bet you weren’t expecting this one? Every year, WTM welcomes many celebrities to the show. From people such as Bradley Wiggins, David Gill and even Jamie Laign who turned up last year to attempted the biggest selfie during WTM London – if you look closely enough, you’ll see my small head at the back of the photo ;).

But on a serious note, I guess this isn’t really a ‘reason’ as such as to why a blogger should attend WTM. I understand that many bloggers will be there to network and conduct business – but c’mon a little bit of fun and celebrity stalking has never hurt no one.

Hope the above 10 reasons have at least tempted you to come! If so, then hopefully see you at WTM London in November!


Have you been to WTM London before? If so what did you enjoy the most? 


11 thoughts on “10 Reasons Why Bloggers Should Attend WTM London 2016

  1. I wasn’t going to attend this event as I didn’t know much about it but reading this post has made me re-think…I’m booking my ticket now! Thanks Anastazja 🙂

    Liked by 4 people

    1. You will absolutely love it. At first it might seem overwhelming, but just take your time to explore. There is the WTM Mingle on the Friday night organised by Traverse Events, so you can always come to that to meet other bloggers. And I’m pretty sure the bloggers will be doing some type of ‘unofficial’ meet up after the Bloggers Speed Networking. Message me on Twitter when you’re at the event, and I’d be happy to meet up 🙂


  2. It was a great event indeed and for those within a short flight should defintely try to attend. Though have to say, what a massive amount of people and stakeholders, not easy to find ones way when first time visitor! =)

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I agree with you 🙂 Everyone says WTM is very overwhelming when they visit for the first time, which I completely agree with. Its so big, and so much going on, so many people to see etc. But I think the best tip I can give is to come prepared and know what your aim is during the show.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. So much agree with all this. I had so much fun and met so many amazing people during my two visits of the market. The organizers even liked my video about the event and may even use it 😍
    I would recommend to everybody to go and visit it, even if he/she is not a blogger 🙂


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